Are There Electric Cars With the Least Electromagnetic Radiation? (Explained)

Electric Cars With the Least Electromagnetic Radiation

EVs are the future of transportation. In 2010, The ICNIRP referenced levels for electromagnetic radiation exposure in a car were surpassed by EVs. EVs had exposures of less than 2% at head height for the front passenger position. In contrast, conventional powertrains emitted only 10% of the reference levels. So, which cars have the lowest … Read more

How Do Electric Cars Lower The Center of Gravity?

electric cars lower center of gravity

How do electric cars lower the center of gravity? First, let’s take a look at how traction is improved. In-wheel motors help lower the center of gravity. Stability control and anti-braking features prevent the wheels from over-spinning, reducing power. The center of gravity is a key component of traction, so a lower center of gravity … Read more