Does the Tesla Model 3 Have a Heads-Up Display?

Does the Tesla Model Three have a heads-up display (HUD)? Will it be added to future models? What cool features does the Model 3 have? What will make it the ideal car for the HUD? Keep reading to find out.

Does the Tesla Model 3 have HUD?

While HUDs are becoming a standard in luxury cars, Tesla refuses to incorporate them into their Model 3 cars. Instead, they opt for an alternative, a 15-inch touchscreen. While the design of the Model 3 is minimalist and appealing to early adopters, there’s no doubt that people are interested in these advanced technologies. Some online forums even recommend third-party HUD projectors for Tesla owners.

While the newer models don’t come standard with HUDs, owners can purchase aftermarket systems or download a mobile app that serves as a HUD projector. And even if Tesla does not offer HUDs, other carmakers are offering them. Audi and Mercedes-Benz both offer HUDs in nearly every new model. Toyota’s upcoming 2022 Prius will have one as standard.

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HUD for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

  • Smart HUD Display: More real-time information can be displayed, including vehicle speed, gear position, turn signal, high beam, door opening reminder, and parking display.

Why does Tesla not have a HUD?

While HUD technology is increasingly common in other cars, the Tesla Model 3 hasn’t got the heads-up display. The HUD is connected to the CAN-bus with intercept wiring. Its installation is simple and requires little effort, so it’s no surprise that many owners are disappointed. This new technology may be one of the most advanced features of an electric vehicle. But will consumers care about it?

Although the current model the Model 3 does not feature a heads-up display, it does have some advantages. The car’s center console is a good place to put a HUD, as it provides a clear view of your surroundings. But if you’re a driver who needs to check your speed every couple of seconds, the HUD is useless. Besides, it’s a distraction.

Why does Tesla not have a HUD?
Why does Tesla not have a HUD? – Photo by Kindel Media

Will Tesla add a heads-up display?

The company’s decision has led to an online community split, with some owners advocating for the addition of third-party HUD projectors. This will enable owners to view their information during the drive. While there are other reasons for not including HUDs, the lack of one in the Model 3 is particularly frustrating.

In the past, Tesla cars have lacked a second screen behind the steering wheel, a feature known as an instrument cluster. In response, Tesla moved this information to a main 15-inch touch screen located in the center of the vehicle. This same interior layout has continued with the Model Y. The question now is: Will Tesla add a heads-up display to the Model 3? The answer is still remain unknown.

What cool features does the Tesla Model 3 have?

There are a lot of cool features in the Tesla Model 3, but one of the most impressive is the all-glass roof. It not only makes the car look seamless, but it is also safer, according to IIHS. The car was tested to withstand a peak force of around 9450 kilograms or 20,835 pounds. To learn more, read on. And don’t worry about the price – it’s comparable to the competition.

You can turn on a feature called “Dog Mode” if you have a dog. If you leave your car unattended, you can set the thermostat to keep the dog comfortable. You can also set the temperature while you’re away by using the “Dog Mode” feature. When the battery level drops below 20%, you’ll get a push notification so you can charge the battery to avoid the risk of theft.