Solutions For Honda Civic Electric Parking Brake Problem Car Won’t Start

  • If your vehicle has an electric parking brake, it could be a simple matter of activating the parking brake switch. If this does not work, it may be faulty wiring.
  • When your car is not in park mode, you need to “awaken” the parking brake control unit by operating the switch. This will “awaken” the control unit from a sleep mode. Then, you can begin the process of resetting the electric parking brake.
  • Operating the switch will “awaken” the control unit from its sleep mode
  • Once you have put your vehicle in sleep mode, you can wake it up by operating the switch. This will cause the unit to “wake up” and respond to the switch. The control unit will remain in sleep mode for about 20 minutes after you turn off the ignition. Once you switch it on again, it will go back to sleep mode. This means that the vehicle will not work while in sleep mode, but it will remain in an alerted state.
  • The NVIC System Control register contains a bit field called SLEEPDEEP. Depending on the Microcontroller Unit, this register may “wake up” the control unit by sending a Receive Event (RXEV) signal to it. If a past event causes a WFE to wake up, it will trigger the next instruction. In many cases, this will result in a wake-up mode of the unit.

Different brake parts can cause a parking brake issue

If your Honda Civic’s parking brake doesn’t work, you should check the master cylinder for a faulty seal. This part of the brake system is responsible for holding the pressure required to brake your vehicle. If the master cylinder is not holding enough pressure, you might also notice air in the braking system. If the air is too high, you may want to consider replacing the master cylinder. To do this, you should consult a reputable mechanic.

Another possible reason for a faulty servo motor is faulty wiring. This part can malfunction if the parking brake switch is dirty. The servo motors in the Honda civic electric parking brake are mounted directly on the rotors and lock the wheels when the car brakes are activated. This difference makes the system different from the old cable parking brake system. Therefore, the problem with this part could affect other parts of the car, including the servo motor and the switch.

Solution For Honda Civic Electric Parking Brake Problem Car Won't Start
Solution For Honda Civic Electric Parking Brake Problem Car Won’t Start – Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Symptoms of a parking brake issue

The electric parking brake on your Honda Civic can suddenly stop working. This issue often results from a failed actuator or module. A replacement part may be necessary, but many auto parts stores do not carry these parts. Another possible cause of this car problem is a corroded parking brake cable. Then again, this problem may also occur if the car will not start.

The brake pedal goes to the floor when you try to slow down your vehicle. Pressing the brake pedal again after driving will release the pressure in the parking lock and shift gears. Then, you can press the engine button to start the car. In some cases, the car may simply have a bad battery.

How to activate an electric parking brake

Your car might have an electric parking brake, but you can’t activate it. You need to disable it. This may require the help of a mechanic. There are two methods of deactivating an EPB – manual and electronic. Manual parking brakes are used by the driver, while electronic ones use a button that deactivates the brake automatically when a vehicle starts.

The first is to depress the parking brake switch. When you have the parking brake on, it will engage automatically unless you manually release it. Press the switch for about 2 seconds. Once you depress the switch, automatic activation will be suspended and you will need to deactivate it manually. Otherwise, the car won’t start. This procedure may help you start the car smoothly if you have to go up a steep hill.