Alternative High Schools That Build Electric Cars

alternative high schools that builds electric cars

If you’re looking for an alternative high school that teaches students to build electric cars, consider the Green Prix. EV Chassis Lab is a curriculum that teaches all aspects of car construction, including engineering principles and mathematical processes. The program has been used by more than a dozen schools. The electric vehicle program has a … Read more

Do Electric Cars Have Exhausts?

Do Electric Cars Have Exhausts

You may be wondering, “Do Tesla cars have exhaust?” Or, maybe you want to know whether these cars produce noise. Either way, this article will explain the benefits of electric cars and their lack of exhaust. You’ll learn what makes an electric car loud, how it works, and how to tell if an electric car … Read more

What Is The MG ZS EV Charging Time at Home?

MG ZS EV Charging Time

What is the MG ZS EV charging time at home? Rapid charging time is for a charge rate of 0-80%. Rapid chargers reduce power before 100% charge to maximize efficiency. The charging time may vary, however, depending on factors such as ambient temperature, energy load of the in-vehicle battery, and upper and lower charge restrictions. … Read more

What Are The MG ZS 2.5 V6 Common Faults?

MG ZS 2.5 V6 Common Faults

There are a number of MG ZS 2.5 V6 common faults that you can expect to encounter if you purchase one of these cars. The following article details some of these common faults and will help you identify them as soon as possible. This article also covers the MG ZS 190, MG ZS 180, MG … Read more

How Are Electric Cars Cooled?

How Are Electric Cars Cooled

You may wonder how are electric cars cooled. After all, gasoline and diesel engines produce tremendous heat, and the batteries in an electric vehicle require cooling just as much as their internal combustion counterparts. Conventional vehicles use front grilles to draw air into the car, but many EVs do not have them. In fact, grilles … Read more

Are All Electric Cars Automatic Transmission?

Are All Electric Cars Automatic

You may be wondering, Are all electric cars automatic? Or, Are there any electric cars with manual transmissions? Hopefully, this article will provide you with an answer to your question. In this article, we will discuss what you can expect from an electric vehicle and how it differs from conventional gasoline or diesel car. In … Read more

Can Electric Cars Climb Hills? (Answered)

Can Electric Cars Climb Hills

You may be wondering, “Can electric cars climb hills?” This article will answer the questions “Do electric cars go uphill?” and “Does altitude affect electric car performance?” Read on to learn more. Can Electric Cars Climb Hills? Can electric cars climb hills? The answer is yes, but they may not be the fastest cars on … Read more

Do Electric Cars Have OBD Ports?

Do Electric Cars Have OBD Ports

Do electric cars have OBD ports? This article answers the question, “Does the Tesla have an OBD port?”. This article also answers the question, “Do new cars have OBD ports?” What is OBD in an electric vehicle? The OBD port is a device that allows mechanics to read important car data. These devices are used … Read more

Can You Tune Electric Cars? (Answered)

can you tune electric cars

Can you tune electric cars? This is a question that has been on everyone’s mind lately. Electric vehicles have no superchargers or turbos, so they can’t be tuned like gas cars. But they do have various electrical components that can be tweaked. For both types of cars, cosmetic modifications are easy to do, including wheels, … Read more