What To Do If Your Tesla Model 3 Makes Fan Noise When Parked?

If you own a Tesla, you’re no doubt familiar with the fan noise when it’s parked. But did you know that a Tesla can also produce a fan noise when it’s in motion? Despite its evocative name, the fan noise can be a red flag. Listed below are some tips to mitigate the noise and make the fan less intrusive.

How to stop a Tesla Model 3 fan noise

If you’ve recently purchased a Tesla Model 3, you’ve probably been troubled by a whirring fan noise while parked. The problem is caused by changes in air pressure in the battery. While these changes don’t necessarily pose a threat, it is a red flags. To solve the problem, you must first turn off the A/C and ensure that the car is fully closed before you begin.

Tesla Model 3 Makes Fan Noise When Parked
Tesla Model 3 Makes Fan Noise When Parked – Photo by jae park

The fans in Teslas can run for a long time, even when the car is parked. This is a result of the automated climate control in your car. This feature keeps the car’s temperature at the desired level, even after a short drive. It is possible to disable this feature, but you may need to walk away far enough from the vehicle to disable the Bluetooth and fold in the side mirrors.

If you’ve heard this noise while driving your Tesla, you’re not alone. The issue is a relatively common problem with many new Teslas. Owners of the Model 3 and Model Y have been complaining about the fan noise while in motion and parked. It’s a common problem and can be easily solved. While some people say it’s a normal part of the operation, others believe that it’s due to low-quality cooling pumps.

How to mitigate a Tesla Model 3 fan noise

If you’ve been experiencing a problem with a loud fan noise when your Tesla Model 3 is parked, you may be wondering how to remedy the situation. You can try restarting your car and unplug your USB storage devices. The problem may also be caused by a software glitch or by bugs trapped inside the cabin. Here’s how to solve the problem. You may have to restart the car, but it’s well worth the effort.

The problem may be caused by low-quality cooling pumps or components. The company, however, has not yet confirmed this. In the meantime, the humming sound is simply the coolant pump working to keep the car cool. Many Tesla owners have also posted videos online to help others diagnose and solve similar problems. A good place to start your search is a Tesla forum or YouTube. Several users post their experiences in these places and you can read about them there.

Another common problem with Tesla cars is phantom battery drain. While driving, you may not notice the fan noise, but when the car is parked, it continues to run, draining the battery. If this happens, you’ll want to try to find a solution to reduce the fan noise. There are three main methods to fix the problem. First, you can switch off the HVAC by holding the fan icon for a few seconds.